A little while back, I wrote about the GMO aspect of beer ingredients. Love this video. It is funny, but true and sad, but true.



Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 1.51.29 PMI recently bought Coconut Secret’s Coconut Aminos at one of my most favorite NYC natural foods stores, LifeThyme on Sixth Avenue and 8th Street. I read the label closely to be sure it was not highly processed (one of the biggest problems I have with Bragg’s Aminos). The label said it was raw, so I bought it, but waited until I was able to do research on it, before opening the bottle. As best as I can tell, this product is raw, and unprocessed, and full of minerals. It also is gluten and soy free, unlike soy sauce.

You may be asking what are liquid Aminos. If you click on the link above for Coconut Aminos, you can read further about liquid aminos and why they are good for you. They have the flavor of soy sauce, so you can use liquid aminos to replace soy sauce, and increase your health benefits at the same time. Soy sauce contains gluten (wheat) so people have often used Tamari as a replacement for soy sauce when they are gluten intolerant, but Tamari is made with soy, so what would someone use to replace Tamari if they are sensitive to soy and wheat? Well, a lot of people use Bragg’s Aminos; however, I stopped using Bragg’s a few years ago when I learned it is highly processed using heat and pressure, and therefore high in free glutamates, which are a form of MSG and therefore loaded with excitotoxins.

I am interested in all of the other products that Coconut Secret sells, so I will be buying them, using them, and seeing what I think. So far, I like the brand a lot. Their products seem to be from a pure source, and well made. So far, I highly recommend them, but at the very least, the Coconut Aminos are a healthy replacement for soy sauce, Tamari, and Bragg’s Aminos.

Sharon, T H E E C O C H E F



I recently wrote this statement on one of my Facebook posts and decided to write about it further.

We live in a time when people seem to think that it’s okay (for example) to snag a taxi from you when they are clear that the cab is headed toward you. As long as the cab stealer does not make eye contact with you, then he feels he’s free and clear to do as he pleases and well, to (blank) with you.

I say, he, because I had this happen to me one windy, fall, Friday evening when I was dressed in black tie, with no cabs in sight. As “my” cab was heading toward me, this guy jumped out and took “my” cab. I went awkwardly running toward him in my 5″ inch heels and long gown saying, “Hey, that taxi is for me!” Quel surprise, he didn’t care. He quickly slid into the back seat hoping the cab driver would drive away fast enough for me not to be able to make eye contact with him. As he was closing the cab door, I stuck my head in and said, “Are you kidding me? You’re seriously going to take this cab? Come on buddy, I’ve been standing here waiting” Then I said, “I can see you, you know!” As if my saying “I can see you,” while making eye contact with him was somehow going to get this guy to grow a conscience. No surprise, he was unimpressed with my raw NYC bravery to confront the cab villain, and off he went.

What is it about our culture that has people think this is okay behaviour? Is it the same thing that has people not want to know about or think about how that food got to their table? Why are we so adverse to the truth, and so addicted to denial?

It’s hard to be in the food truth movement without sounding like an overbearing mother, the “Eat your vegetables” kind. I know there is a lot to contend with these days, with our air, our food, and our water being toxified, polluted, and degraded. It’s a lot, but is the answer to just ignore it hoping it will just go away? Is the answer to keep eating the factory farmed animals that are fed GMO corn with glyphosate that causes every known problem, condition, disease, and ailment imaginable? How is it better to ignore this, or rather I should say, for how long is it better? Like the guy who steals a woman’s cab, do we really think we can get away with making choices and taking actions that have an adverse affect on ourselves, other people, and the planet?

It used to be that the few were spoiled by the many, but the many usually had good values, and made ethical choices. Now, sadly, it seems those many are the few. The few who still have a conscience and who are still willing and able to act on their conscience accordingly. As grown adults, who’s holding us in check when we misbehave other than our own conscience?

The downline problems that come with poor choices are not going to go away by pretending they don’t exist today, or by not making eye contact with them. Just because you’re not looking at them does not mean they don’t see you.

Choose wisely what you eat, and be mindful of how it got to your table. Let’s bring a conscious movement back to our food choices and have that be the rule rather than the exception to the rule, and while we’re at it, let’s see if we can get people to be more conscientious about stealing cabs too. Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Thank you.

Sharon, T H E E C O C H E F