Many of you may have already seen this documentary, but until this past weekend, I had only seen parts here and there.

Gall Null, the producer, pulled together many, credible professionals to discuss this topic in-the-round, so that the viewer and listener could have a more fully informed understanding of GMOs and their unhealthy impact on us and the environment. It’s an information packed documentary, which discloses how Monsanto (and others, but mainly Monsanto) have been able to hijack our health, by hijacking our judicial and regulatory systems. And how they did this was by creating a revolving door of executives from the top of their company to the top and inside of places like the FDA, with loads of money to pay for anything, including: powerful, well-financed lobbyists; the funding that goes to research labs; a roster of attorneys on full-time retainer; to henchmen across the country who follow and harass local farmers. This did not just happen overnight. This influence is the result of a methodically laid out plan to control the food supply.

In this post, I don’t know where to begin, other than to say, please watch this documentary and any others that you come across that go behind the scenes regarding GMOs. There’s a reason Monsanto does not want us to label foods that have GMOs and there’s a reason they don’t want US labs to test GMOs.

The more I watch these documentaries, the more I wonder things like, “Why would they want to control the food supply,” to, “Who’s running these companies and why don’t they have a conscience?” and, “Is this just about profit or is there something else at play?” For example, why would Monsanto and Dupont form an expensive joint venture to buy a company that produces a gene that arrests fertility, irreversibly in men and women, and splice this gene into their GMOs? Why? What does decreased fertility have to do with profit? Or, can we draw a dotted line from say, the heads of Monsanto and Dupont to say, the heads of the major pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from people’s fertility problems? Or, is there something more diabolical going on here, like eugenics, and if so, again my question is, why?

My mind goes around and around trying to understand these people, as it goes around when I try to understand the guy who sticks an electric prod inside of a cow at a factory farm, or drags a sick and dying cow across a feces laden floor, to be executed. It is a no-win cycle of trying to reason with an irrational way of being, but I do not think all roads here lead to greed and profit alone. I do think there is something else at play and I do think it’s sinister, but what that is, I cannot say, nor do I, or you benefit from trying to understand it through reason. Nonetheless, it does not mean we should stop sharing information. We need to continue to keep ourselves and others informed, for awareness is key. Knowing that Monsanto has hijacked the FDA and Congress does not necessarily mean you can stop them in their tracks. It took them years to get to where they are. But now that you know about GMOs, you can not buy them, and you can not eat them. Look, Pepsico recently had to change the labeling on their Naked juices because of false information, and that change came about through the consumer’s awareness.

You can make a change, but awareness is key.

Please watch this video. #GMOs #stopmonsanto

Sharon, T H E E C O C H E F


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