14 Year Old, Rachel Parent, Holds Her Own on TV Re: GMOs!

Many of you may have already seen this video that’s been shared via FB the past few days.

I just finished watching it and have to say that this young woman really held her own. What I found distressing is how the host, Kevin O’Leary continually said or suggested that this young woman was being played or being used as a “schill,” by environmental groups. The same could be said for Kevin and his strong stance in favor of GMOs, could it not?

A lot of misinformation is shuttled about with regard to the benefits of GMOs, as was demonstrated by Kevin in the points he was making in favor of them. He posited that GMOs will save lives; that they will deliver nourishment to those who otherwise would be malnourished; that they are super crops that are pest resistant and therefore produce higher yields, etc. In my research and as Rachel Parent also disclosed in the brief time she had to speak, this is not accurate. GMOs do not produce higher yields, and they most certainly are not more nourishing than non GMO crops. Furthermore, GMO pollen contaminates non GMO fields, and if a farmer’s crops become contaminated with GMO pollen, the farmer can be sued by Monsanto for illegal use of their seeds. Then, this farmer is dragged into a lengthy court battle that will either cause him to lose his savings and his farm, or simply relent to Monsanto and buy their seeds in order to save his farm, and his livelihood.

Why does Monsanto use such bullish tactics here in the US where, as Kevin said, “We have more protein,” and thereby I am assuming he meant, that we have access to good and better food than say, China, where this GMO, and allegedly vitamin-A rich rice has been used for the “benefit” of the Chinese people? Anyone who follows this topic even lightly knows that Monsanto utilizes nothing short of Draconian tactics domestically and abroad to force farmers into adhering to their agenda. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control of our food supply and profit.

The efforts of this young woman are admirable and necessary. It doesn’t seem as though she has an agenda other than the health of her generation, or at least the promise of it. The same might not be said of a TV show host, whose corporate ownership and/or sponsorships may wield an influence as to the show’s content, and any/all points of view that are shared. CBC is a Crown Corporation of Canada.

Sharon/T H E E C O C H E F


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