emperial-palace-hotel-ceiling_24947_600x450I came across this link on Facebook recently. While watching and listening, I was happy this doctor was stepping forward and providing people with what he calls, the Seven Keys To An Ultra-Mind, which I am referring to as the Seven Keys to Ultra Well-Being, because if you have these Keys present and you follow them, your mind and your “gut” will be at their best, and therefore so will your well-being.

Here are the Keys this doctor talked about in reference to helping a young boy with ADHD:

  1. Cleaning up the boy’s junk food diet
  2. Fixing his nutritional deficiencies
  3. Making sure he had his Omega-3 fats
  4. Adding minerals like zinc and magnesium
  5. Removing the foods with hidden allergies
  6. Addressing the bad yeast (candida) in his gut, from years of taking broad spectrum antibiotics; giving healthy bacteria like pro-biotics
  7. Removing the toxins in his body like lead and mercury.

As the good doctor goes on to say, “He didn’t have a medication deficiency. He didn’t have bad parents. He had a bad diet and nutritional deficiencies and an irritated immune system and a bad, unhappy gut, and toxins in his body. It’s so simple. It’s just so simple. All you have to do, is take out the bad stuff, and put in the good stuff.”

Well said.

If these seven steps can help a young boy recover from severe ADHD, they can help you and anyone you know in any way needed.

This list is simple, yet it comprises the very basics of what you need to know, and provides a sound approach to recovering and maintaining your well-being.

I will add two more things to the list above:

  1. Eat whole, organic foods, mostly vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains (80% of your diet)
  2. Be grateful for all you have, and bring awareness and consciousness to your life and all you do.

Here’s to your well-being.

Sharon, T H E C O C H E F



  1. I enjoyed reading an article that finally focuses on the nutritional factors of the many diseases we have today. I just wish that it was more widespread but we all know the big pharamas would not like this.

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