An Eggs-Planation Update

This is a follow-up to my blog post from the other day.

IMG_5221I visited the Union Square Farmer’s Market yesterday (Saturday) to stock up on eggs, produce, raw cheese, and buttermilk. My first stop was the Violet Hill Farm stand, to buy eggs. Their eggs are by the far of the highest quality, and so they sell out quickly. While at their stand, I chatted it up with the people working there and discussed with them my recent trip to Italy, staying on a sustainable farm and my experience, of lately, with buying eggs of questionable quality from the farmer’s market. As we were chatting about the importance of feeding egg laying hens organic grains, one of the people at the stand began to tell me that despite the fact they buy organic grains from a supplier that brings in grains from Canada, the supplier usually has to return up to 10% of the grains they receive, because they are tainted with GMO grains. In other words, even though they are an organic grain distributor, buying only organic grains, they are finding those grains to be tainted with GMO grains. This was disturbing to me, but as with all truths, I’d rather know than not know.

GMO grains can pollinate non GMO grains, and so that is how there can be GMOs in with non GMOs. That is my layman’s explanation, for I am by no means an expert on exactly how it happens. All I know is that it does happen, and because it does happen, it is all the more reason to buy eggs that come from hens that were truly raised Free Range, and were fed non GMO grains. Even then, no one can say for sure whether the grains are 100% organic and 100% GMO free, but at least the organic grain distributor will do their best to vet the grains themselves.

I know at times it can be discomforting and disquieting to read these things; I do know, but it’s really better to know than to not know. My reason for sharing, as always, is to provide you with quality information so you can make informed choices about your health and well-being.

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