We Need Minerals

I recently spent 10 days abroad, staying as a guest of the Caponetti family on their sustainable farm, in Tuscania, Italy. The purpose of my stay was to fully immerse myself into life on the farm, as I embark on working with the farm’s owner, Lorenzo Caponetti, on expanding his US branding.

The first night I arrived, albeit late, this kale-like cabbage was in a bowl on the kitchen table, to be used for lunch the next day. I immediately snapped a picture, enthralled with the incredible beauty of this cabbage! I told Lorenzo it looked like cabbage on steroids. Well, over the next eight days, I had the good and bountiful fortune of dining for lunch and dinner with the Caponetti family, and at each meal, eating delicious vegetables out of their garden.
IMG_4659When I returned to the states, I noticed I had actually lost weight, even though every day, we ate pasta, bread, cheese, and butter – all things that most Americans avoid. When I am in the states, I don’t eat a lot of wheat or dairy, because like most Americans, they don’t sit right with me, but in Italy, everything sat right with me. I came home wondering, why?

Yes, the cheese in Italy was from a local source, and no they don’t use growth hormones or antibiotics, so I am sure this was a factor. And, yes, the wheat, although also commercial (we ate dried Barilla pasta), was probably not as chemically tainted as the wheat grown and used in the US, but would these two factors make that much of a difference? I wasn’t sure.

Not long after I returned, I listened to an internet radio interview of a gentleman with a PHD in Nutrition. In that interview, he went on to say that a problems with our modern diet, is in not eating sprouted grains. He also said that, from his research he has deduced that the main problem with our modern diet is the lack of minerals we obtain either from mineral deficient food, or un-sprouted grains, or both. He said that minerals are vitally needed to assist in other functions, namely proper hormone production. I have known the importance of sprouting grains, nuts, and seeds, and when I dine at home, I do, but like most Americans, I also eat on-the-go, so I am not always getting the best food either.

After listening to the interview I thought, maybe it was all of the minerals I was getting from the food I was eating in Italy? We ate vegetables from the farm’s garden, bread made in town, cheese, butter, and milk from local farms, and meat from animals raised on the Caponetti farm. We also drank a lot o fizzy mineral water with every meal, also from a local source.

All of this really started to make sense. So, I have committed to eating only foods with the highest mineral content: organic vegetables, grains, meats, and raw cheeses. I am also adding mineral drops to my drinking water every day (the brand is called, Cell Food), and just seeing how I feel. I’ll keep you posted. I think there is a lot more to this, and I am always happily surprised when I too, can learn something new, and share it with you.


As always, feel free to post comments, or email me at: theecochef@gmail.com and I will keep you posted on this topic.

Sharon, T H E E C O C H E F


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