Welcome to T H E E C O C H E F blog!

It was almost a year ago, that I began the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute. These are pictures of my early knife work; the dice. It is hard to believe it has been almost a year. So much has transpired since then. I founded, T H E E C O C H E F, and completed two culinary internships, one at Seersucker Brooklyn, and one at the Henry Ford Hospital at West Bloomfield. It was at Henry Ford, that I more fully realized my love for helping others source healthier products and ingredients, which caused me to create my culinary consulting business, T H E E C O C H E F.

We live in a very exciting, yet complicated time. Our technological advances have enabled us to live longer, yet, they have also made our lives more sedentary and more dependent on conveniences. These conveniences in the way of processed food and less physical activity are actually causing us to live shorter lives than our parents. In 2009, over thirty-three states in the US had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 25%, and unless we begin to make lifestyle and healthstyle changes, this number is only going to increase.

It is time for us to reclaim our health, and vote with our forks. To do this, we need access to verifiable, quality information, so we can make informed choices in regard to what we eat. This blog, and T H E E C O C H E F services, are dedicated to this purpose.


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